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Pollinator Project

The Hudson Mohawk Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council is sponsoring a pollinator project in the Hudson Mohawk Region of New York State. The primary goal of the project is to educate youth about the importance of pollinators. The Hudson Mohawk RC&D Council will partner with youth organizations throughout the region to establish pollinator meadows from seed to boost healthy populations of wild resident bees and pollinators.

Pollinators are essential to wildflower populations and crops. In many areas pollinators are declining in numbers due to a variety of factors including pests and diseases. In the United States, bees are the primary pollinator for most wildflowers and crops. With declining bee populations, the effect on the health and viability of crops and native plant communities is negatively impacted. Native pollinators are critical because they are adapted for specific plants that result in more efficient pollination and greater production of fruits and seeds.

In order to improve the health, abundance and diversity of local pollinators, the Hudson Mohawk RC&D Council will partner with local youth organizations to cultivate landscapes to increase the diversity of flower colors, shapes and bloom times. The council will provide seeds and instructions to establish pollinator meadows.

The Hudson Mohawk Pollinator Project is funded by a grant from the Hudson Valley Foundation for Youth Health.

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